I originally started out as a graphic designer specialising in publishing, specifically designing magazines. As the publishing industry has shrunk over the years so has the need for freelance magazine designers, though I still regularly design three magazine titles I have moved more towards photography and video. Pre pandemic I was photographing and filming more and more events throughout the UK and into Europe. More recently I have found myself photographing a lot of property.
Working as a graphic designer for so many years has given me an advantage as I understand how the content I create will be used in print and online.
I'm a qualified drone operator keeping up to date with the latest technology, software and techniques. Most recently working on creating images for virtual reality which can be seen in my portfolio.
I have also started creating stock video and images which currently for sale on Adobe Stock and PicFair.

Google certificate

Photographing Sculpture
I have a real passion for sculpture and I'm very lucky to live near one of the best places in the world to see it, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. When I not busy working on magazines or out on a shoot I can usually be found wondering around photographing sculpture of some sort. I have a website where I try to collect it all together at www.theartaroundus.co.uk but time is short and there's bills to pay 😊...
Architectural details of Leeds
Below is a book I published with photographs of the amazing architectural details of the historic building around Leeds. I hope to improving on this by writing more about the buildings and history.
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